Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wonderful Women

Sorry all for not blogging yesterday; the snow and ice storm completely blew up my plans!  But now I'm back and I wanted to share a couple of websites that I found...
This particular site is run by my long time friend, Jen!  She is a fabulous stay-at-home-mom with so much energy, creativity, and ambition.  I love her ribbon hair accessories that started as a craft project for her daughter.  I really hope that she will be so proud of herself as her endeavors grow into something that she will cherish long into the future!
And through Jen I also found this site that is truly an example of a goal that I aspire to achieve.  Mel has embraced her love of crochet and has really developed it into a web-based business!  That is what I hope to do with my knitting someday because I am that passionate about it.

Enjoy these beautiful examples of amazing women who are working to make their dreams come true!! Be inspired! :)

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