Monday, February 28, 2011

Vogue Knitting Preview... Yipee!

Oh I can't wait for spring time knitting!  Check it out!

Summertime Blues - explore the pacific palette ace of a crystal blue persuasion

Postcards from Rio - citrus brights and coral spice infuse Carnaval style into tropical tops

It's All White Now - style gets a cool pick-me-up with cool, crisp white

Set Off Sparks - sexy is back with a shapely camisole that dares, bares, and dazzles

So Hot It Sizzles - the body electric: slinky bikinis in metallic yarns make the most of a minimal amount of fabric

Credit for pictures and captions go completely to Vogue Knitting and their preview site.  I just couldn't do them justice in my own words, the designs are gorgeous and stunning.  Enjoy! 

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