Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Due to my lack of Mexican heritage, I view Cinco de Mayo as yet another excuse for me to eat tacos... like I really need the motivation
(I love tacos!!)

But this was a nice twist and I wish I had know about it before today, because then everyone, and I do mean everyone, would have gotten one of these delicacies:

Courtesy of


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tea Party

This past weekend was the annual Mother's Day Brunch at my church and this year we incorporated a tea party theme to the festivities.  Everyone was invited to bring their favorite tea cup and we had a little table and little chairs set up for the little girls to have a tea party with apple juice and chocolate milk.  It was so incredibly adorable and we all loved it.  I was also asked to speak and that was a very challenging experience (I get so nervous) but also quite rewarding as I overcame my fears.

With regards to crafting and creativity, the day made me think that I really should acquire a functional (yet elegant) tea set and have ladies over for crafting and tea get-togethers.  I also was thinking how amazing it would be to actually paint china!  I can't draw or paint, but what an amazing skill to have.

Courtesy of Roses & Teacups