Thursday, January 26, 2012

Knitted Heart Mittens


Alright, so I understand that these aren't technically fair isle, but they're really close and still beautiful none-the-less!  And they have that traditional Scandinavian look without so many color strands to handle at one time. 

Just for your own knowledge, fair isle knitting* are patterns that incorporate three or more color strands in the pattern, knitting no more than three stitches in a row before switching colors, the unused yarn is carried behind the work, and the patterns originate from the Shetland region of Scotland. 

*Not to be confused with intarsia (the technique used to make argyle socks, sweaters, vests, etc.), double knitting (used most notably for super thick reversible socks), and mosaic slip stitch knitting (geometrical and Grecian designs, great for coats and jackets).

If you would like the pattern to these adorably festive mittens,
check out this blog:

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