Friday, March 11, 2011

More Good News from VK

Here we go... for those of you technologically savvy knitters out there, Vogue Knitting just released their FREE publications app for iPad!

Search "Vogue Knitting" at the Apps Store

So of course I downloaded it and am already loving the possibilities.  Unfortunately, you still have to pay for the publications, but you would have to pay for them anyway if you bought the physical magazine.  I can't/shouldn't buy the Spring-Summer 2011 zine because... well... my birthday is on Sunday and I have every reason to believe that it might be part of the annual celebration offerings.  However, if I'm wholly mistaken, be sure that I will have it on my iPad promptly on Monday morning.  Either way, I'll review this all later while you anxiously await.  Or better yet, download the app, and buy the pub, then investigate for yourself and definitely share your findings with the rest of us here!!

1 comment:

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