Friday, January 28, 2011

Current Endeavors

My current project… hats!  I love them!  They are cute, pretty, fashionable, quick, and personalized!

Lion Brand Beaded Flowers Cap, Pattern #50183-2

The pattern called for bulky weight yarn (#5) but I had a lot of extra skeins of worsted weight yarn (#4) so I’ve been experimenting with single v. double strands and needle sizes.  I am suddenly so thankful for having spot on knitting tension for pattern gauge purposes.

Right now I have a single strand soft pink cap and a double strand sunshine cap almost completely finished.  I say “almost because now I have to do the dreaded FINISHING STEPS!!  I know, it’s really not so bad, but I hate whip stitching and weaving in ends.

My UFO bin (unfinished objects) is almost filled to the brim with projects that only need to have their ends woven in.  I’m such a slacker like that!  So once I’ve decided on my cap knitting variables, I think my next step will be to adjust/incorporate measures to minimize the dreaded finishing hurdle.

Completed pictures coming soon! :)

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